First post from Germany

27 01 2005

I think I landed here a week ago on the 19th of jan. Today is the 27th of Jan.

I would like to say so much about this country that I am afraid, I wont have time to do that.

Right now it is snowing here and the temperature is around -5 or 6 degress. But almost all the places like office, buses, trains, oublic buildings, hotels and apartments are centrally heated. Hence you really dont feel the pinch of things.

The flow of this text is random, so you may not be able to link two paras anyway.

The whole place is covered with white snow and it is very clean. I guess education makes all the difference. It seems germany has near to 0 % poverty and illiteracy. I hope India can soon become like that.

The people here are very very friendly. I donno whether its even true that these people dont like dark skinned people.

The public transport system is also very good. I am yet to goto an autobahn or something, but cars here are way to advanced than the ones that sell in india.

i guess i will have to continue this post later.






One response

31 01 2005

Enna da onnum updates illa blog la..

Also, looks like only ppl with blogger a/c’s can comment on ur blog..U may want to change that..

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