Sledging Experiences at oberaudorf

5 02 2005

I had a very nice day today…Had to wake up as early as 500 i the morning. slowly got ready and went on to get ready with the gear and had milk. went to station at 605 or something and the train was at 610. my friend joined me and we went via another train station to the final destination. our friend sandeep’s house. he lives with his didi and jiju. 4 of us went together. jiju, me , sandeep and sumit……went via the autobahn to the destination. there was so much traffic jam that u wont believe there were slow moving cars for 3 kms! we reached late because of these factors. the view of the place was simply great. we hired the sledges as we had only 2 of them. then we bought tickets for the ride to up of the mountain. the track length was 3.5 kms.

while climbing in the cable car, i felt very very cold. i could not feel my fingers at all. climbing into the cable car and getting down is a tough process actually. then we had to walk for a little more distance and then the jiju gave as a crash course on how sledging is done. we came down pretty quickly and i felt like doing this for more number of times. then came down and had some warm lemon tea and some chips and chocolates. went up again and this time it was pretty good. no problems. the slide down this time was also very very nice and fast. by this time water had got formed in my pants and underpants and socks as the ice melts when near the body.

came down and changed clothes. soon went to munich….on the way back there was a traffic jam for kms length on the opposite side luckily. after reaching munich, we took the two trains to ismaning. took the car from my appt. soon changed shoes and went to supermarket to get a few things. reached amit and sumits house. went on to cook a very very teekha pulao…..usko us us us kar ke khaya with dahi. it was extremely hot. soon, went on to talk for a while and i slept on the new mattress. i think for nearly 2 hours. then woke up and did some chit chats and helped my friends with their pc problems. soon, watched the photos. it was 830 by this time. we reheated the pulao and mixed more rice with it. but still it was spicy. had a bit of this and decided to come home. will show you more of the mountains….


photos added here:




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