Trip to Zürich

12 02 2005

trip to zurich

ran to the station as in ismaning there is a train every 20 minutes to the city only. at 1710, 1730, 1750…

My train to zurich was supposed to leave at 1824 or something like that and it takes 30 minutes to reach the main station. guess what i had the tickets and the others would have screwed me, if i missed the 1710 train. was lucky enough to get that train with a margin of about 2 minutes, which is good considering some ad hoc planning that i did.

reached the station and i was the first to get there. met the others and we took some snaps with the train. soon boarded the same and chatted for a lot of time. i was feeling very sleepy but did not sleep as the train was going to reach zurich in about 4 hours.

reached zurich at the right time …these trains are very punctual…..then took some directions and took the tram to our hostel……got the room for 4 and enjoyed a beer at the night….slept after that and the hostel was a very cozy one. soon fell asleep and waited for the 12 of feb to dawn…..

the plans were to get up soon and leave early….but the opposite happened! we all woke up as late as 730….got ready as soon as possible and went on to have a decent breakfast which was free….left to see the famous zurich lake, but it was not open for the boat ride…..then we took some more wrong advise and landed up in a useless place………soon decided to come back to the main station and took some tourist guidance.

Took the train to winterthur and it was long journey which made the possibility of coming back to zurich for the boat ride impossible.

in winterthur, there is a place called technorama, which is more or less an amusment place and a technology museum….we needed a lot of time to see this place, but had to rush up…..saw a electric show and came back to zurich….

we had missed the boat ride….but all the rides in the trains were very nice. soon, walked in the very famous banhauf strasse where you have some of the world famous shops and almost all the swiss banks. we took some photos of each other near the bulidings and went on to see what the tourist centre told, was the church with the biggest clock dial…

it was raining and hence it was not fun….some of the places had got closed as the time was more than 1700 now.

we took two train changes and went on top if a mountain to get the night view of the city..the train was called dolderbahn….it was fun to go up, but it was so windy that it not only made the temperature low, but also the fear of flying off from the mountain was there.

the view from the top was a hard earned one, as we had to do a lot of walking …..and it was cold too….

after getting the view, we came down and headed to have pizza as dinner. there were couple of indian restaurants in zurich and we even bumped into tamil speaking srilankans here!

soon came hostel with a renowned resolution that we would wake up earl again tomorrow!




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