Luzern, Interlaken and Bern

15 02 2005


This is what happened on Sunday……….

Trip to luzern , interlaken , bern and back to zurich

Woke up quite late but it was not worse. we got ready pretty soon and went on to have breakfast….checked out of the youth hostel and went to the station. deposited the bag in the locker and exchanged some more money, euros in swiss franks……..all this was automated, believe me. The one day pass that we purchased the previous day was going to be very useful indeed.

came to the platform and took a lovely train to luzern….the journey was a very good one. you should see some photos to see what i am talking about.

We reached luzern and the place was simple compared to zurich. took some local information again and walked around the city for some time and took a lot of photos in and around the place. there was a boat ride in the lake there. we had to run to see a famous lion monument and caught the boat at the last moment….it was a pleasure ship for us….we enjoyed the scenary and sipped on some beer. it was taking a lot of time for us to realize that we are far away from the point where we left from. the issue was that we the next train from luzern to interlaken…..

got instructions from the boat guys and got down in the middle of what looked like an ocean….had to take a bus from here to the next biggest stop.from there we would get a train to luzern……it was like a movie ddlj, where waiting for the bus, we saw a church and went in….we all must have made silent prayers i guess…..

the bus came and we took it to stans. from stans we took the train to luzern,,,,we were eating on the way, where on a station we saw a train heading to interlaken. so we decided to dump this train and get into that one. Mayank got out and as we were getting out the doors closed and the train moved….it was one of the scariest times of the journey as we saw our friend alone in the platform as our train moved away.

we got down in the next station and came back all the way only to find the platform empty….then went back to luzern yet again and took the scheduled train to interlaken… gods grace, this chap climed into this train from some intermediate stop…..he had gone to the mountains in the 1 hour that he had in between all this mess…

we all reached interlaken and it was pretty little town surrounded my mountains…the train journey up the hill was worth a mention where we got to see some real fresh snow, soft as cotton ( we did not touch it )

in interlaken, we roamed around and also purchased some souveniers like the cow bell and so on…..then took the next train to bern and saw a glimpse of the capital…it was ok, but not too good i would say.

took some pictures and also roamed around a bit……then took the best possible train to reach zurich…..back at zurich we had some time, so checked out our baggages , exchanged the remaining money from francs to euros and boarded one of the most ugliest cabins that i have seen in europe.

it was stinking ! had to bear with this for 4 odd hours and we reached austria. this train was heading to vienna via salzburg. we got down in innsbruck and had to wait for 2 hours on the platform , and it was really really cold……

finally the train to munich came and we boarded the same ….lots of passport checks as we reached germany and got into the main station at around 630 or so….got the train to ismaning in 5 minutes luckily and reached home …..

was very tired and could not get much of sleep the whole time. this was the most boring part..the hectic schedule—-

wait for my next trip




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