Trip To Berlin – Saturday

19 02 2005

went to the station on time and my friends had come too. so went on to board the train and the so called coaches were well built. it is called couchettes. we have two berths on the side in a way we have in india…its like two side berths opposite to each other. the train started and we all were fast asleep.

We reached berlin early in the morning at around 630 or so and we took the train from the staion to another and then to another. all this processes took time as the tourist counter opened late and we needed the maps for travel . we lost close to 1 hour here. soon came to hotel and it was quite a walk from the station. in the hotel we could not check in before 2pm. so we left the baggage there and went on to have breakfast. soon after that we met the friend of sumeet, whose name was philip. he was a student in the berlin university. we moved around the city with him and saw the brandenburg tor, the parliamemt and also went on top of the dbahn building.this is on the potsdamer platz, a famous place in berlin. the international film festival was going on in berln. also we saw the sony building. philips dad is a top hr man in dbahn. dbahn means deutsche bahn, literally equivalent to indian railways. then went to a nice museum which was way too big. then came out and went back to room after seeing seeing the berlin wall. we meet a bengali lady here. back in the hotel after a lot of problems with train changing, went on to have bath and relaxed for a while. then decided to have indian food, so we went back by train to the city and the night life was very busy in the place where we went.

here we saw a lot of prostitues and my friends nearly asked them out !! then had dinner at the indian restaurant. came out and felt very sleepy. was in a cafe for a while trying to escape the cold. friends were out seeing the hookers while me and the other friend stayed inside. then the german friend called us and we all went to a disco and it was my first time. they check ur age and then let u in. it was truly a wonderful experience. danced till about 3 am and then went to the hotel. now all of us fell asleep.

it was a long day and a well worth one too as we didnt waste much time as in our previous trip.

sunday experiences coming next.




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