Trip To Berlin – Sunday

20 02 2005

in this post u would read my experiences in and around berlin on sunday.

Visit to potsdam :

Potsdam is a small city near berlin. ver near infact that i think it would be inside berlin. it was the capital of the brandenburg province. to understand, bavaria was a seperate kingdom like brandenburg, whose capital was munich. these independant kingdoms became germania, the modern day germany.

in potsdam we went to one of the important castles which was ok, didnt look like a castle actualy. then we took a long walk inside the castle itself.

came out and we went to a crystal factory where we saw live the way glass and crystal are made. had a very khatta metha cake over there. soon came out and went back to the city and saw the places in the night. berlin is very nice in the night. philips dropped us in the restaurant after a whole day in his car. it was an indian one but a different one. we waited for him to bring his girl friend with him. it was our way of saying thanks for taking care of us for 2 days. she came very late. we had some food, which was very bland.

then philip dropped us in the station and we took some snaps and came inside the train which was slightly late. went on to a deep sleep and wanted to come to munich as soon as possible.




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