drive to cebit hannover 9 mar

9 03 2005

I typed this on the 10th morning as i am going to the cebit grounds. i slept at around 1:30 in the morning.

Now i am in the cebit hall. the battery was low and i had to shut the laptop.

Yesterday morning we left scm office at around 930 after picking up some more stuff. the drive was a long one and the distance to be covered was 600 +. we took a small break for lunch and went on to hannover at around 430 in the evening.

then went on to see the stalls and helped people to set them up as well.

soon we had some toffee , beer and chips and decided to go to the accomodation place. it was 30 kms away, can u belive that ?

i was in car with a colleague, and we missed our way and went a long way forward…… soon with some help from people, we managed to come back to the detination……it was about 8 when we came back. ´

then all of us went to a restaurant and stareted the dinner course. we had one more beer, and some soup which was very nice, and also some potato and cheese…that was not so good….had some alcohol towards the end and went on to have a lot of chit chat and fun and laughter. it was maybe 2300 or so when we left the place.

soon, came back to the hotel and had another beer !! too much eh ? but there is peer pressure as every one was boozing !
had some more chit chats and went on to see some tv, inspite of the fact that there were 2 ladies, we had no problems surfing through some of the porm channels. ofcourse, we didnt stay on one for more than 5 seconds !

then bid goodnight to all and came back to my room, wrote two days pending diary and went on to sleep by 130 or so….

tomm we have to get early for cebit and leave early after breakfast as there would be a lot of traffic jam !!




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