cebit day 2 : – 11 mar 2005

11 03 2005

today was another one of those days where i felt good being at cebit…….not entirely for business purposes but also for all the fun and learning that i got here.

we woke up early in the morning again and went on to have breakfast with our competitors as usual. soon went on to cebit and believe me we have so much traffic jam in the morning that we have a tough time getting there and we stay 30 kms away from the place !

reaching there we set the stall and got to be there in turns while other people roamed around meeting the customers and so on. normaly i stay in the stall with bea or pam or someone who is available.

then went on to meet some people and had lunch in cebit grounds it self…..the afternoon was spent in talking to the people and soon felix left for munich

i was supposed to leave with him and also had my tickets booked, but i have decided to extend my trip here as i have a lot more to see.

soon, roamed around again with pam and met people from kodak, told them about the kiosk business and so on and tried to get someone intersted.

came to booth and packed the stuff and left for the hotel

changed into more comfortable clothes and went on to have dinner……it was nice dinner and also the discussion we had on a variety of topics was cool….had lots of types of alcohol and beer too……



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