cebit day 3 : – 12 mar 2005

12 03 2005

i woke up at around 630 and got ready. woke up bea who sleeps in the next room. the plan was to get up late as it was saturday and also we wanted to avoid breakfast with out competitors.

soon, went on to leave the place. the weather in hannover is so fucking bad, that i feel that cebit should not be held in this time of the year. it is always raining and it is so windy that it nearly kills u. the temparature is above 0 though.

the morning went on well and we spent some time roaming around too.

had lunch which was composed of mainly pasta.

today i was wearing a white shirt, black pant and a black suit. with a red spotted tie.

after lunch again manned the booth for some time and then towards the evening, packed the bags and left for a mexican restaurant.

ordered baked potatoes and tacos. and also had beer + lemonade. then we were joined by the competitors for dinner. had couple of tequillas and also tequilla sunrise.

then came home and the drive was excellent. we touched top speeds of 220 kmph. can u believe that ?

the cars here are so advance that u fall in love with them……



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