cebit day 4 : – 13 mar 2005

13 03 2005

we all got up late as it was sunday and went on to have breakfast…i had a real light breakfast…..soon packed bags and put them in the car as we wouldnt come back to the hotel. i drove from the hotel to cebit grounds and it was fun to drive.

after reaching the place, went on to set the stall and also roamed around nicely. soon went on to meet lot of indians in some stalls. also did some spying on competetion stalls.

then after all the roaming around came to stall only to find that some people had already had lunch !!

3 more people from scm came to the stall and that meant that we could leave to ismaning. had some stupid lunch and changed clothes.

then left by car to munich. was with bea in the car and we chatted for the entire journey. we had couple of breaks in between for food and loo…..reached ismaning by around 830. soon, put all the dirty clothes to wash and went to hotel rama for dinner.

came back and dried the clothes and slept late maybe by around 1 or something.



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