24 March – – Departure to Venice

24 03 2005

Left home by around 10 am in the morning. bunked office for the day !! Reached the Ismaning Station in 2 minutes as it is really close to my house. Then met Amit and boarded the 1010 train to Munich station.

we reached thereby 1030 and we were early for the 1130 train. waited in the station, took some snaps. The train arrived and we boarded the same. Soon it started and it wasnt all that comfortable. We had an irritating passenger with us for nearly 3/4 of the way who wasnt german and was abusing now and then….for no particular reason.

Had some snacks, chocolates and also cola light on the way and this kept us occupied. Also listened to some music and played games on the phone.

We had more people come in , a young couple boarded the train in Italy and got down soon after and finally our co passenger was a Columbian who asked lot of questions about Tsunami and we also talked about the beauty of South America….

I think we reached Venice by around 1830 in the evening and went on to ask directions for the hotel.

We were really surprised to see that the hotel was less than 300 metres from the station.

Also bought the 72 hour ticket for the boats in Venice. Since it was evening the visibility was not too good.

We checked in the Hotel and gave money for 4 nights. Althought the hotel looked shabby from the outside, inside it was very modern and had lot of good facilities.

AFter keeping the baggage, we romaed around here and there and also took some boat rides. Got some ideas from people about the places to see and also got a map to plan out trip more efficiently.

We had dinner near the hotel and the food was not too good and also pretty expensive there. The menu card claimed that it is one of the best pizza places in Venice !! no way……

At night came back to room early on as the hotel gets locked by 1230…!!

We had taken a dorm and it had 5 beds in the room. We had one chineese sleeping in one corner and some beds were empty. i think one american checked in that night…not too sure though!

The weather was not too cold, but the presence of large water bodies around, made it colder and also the wind was quite strong…..

Slept well in the night as the room and the bed were very cozy



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