venice day 1 : – 25 mar 2005

25 03 2005

Today is my second day in Venice …Techincaly the first day.

We woke up late in the morning at around 8 or so and had shower. we had more new faces in the room including an austrailian. after shower we went on to have breakfast in the room, which we had bought from munich itself. breakfast was cake, apple, yoghurt and somethings like that.

left the hostel with the bag and camera and soon boarded the boat , its called vaperroto or something like that.

Went to a place called guglie, and roamed around in the market. Bought a tie from street, where the store owner was a bangladeshi, so being from india, he gave us a discount and the tie cost me 5 € instead of 7 € !!

The morning vegetable market and the crowd were very similar to India.

Then went by boat to an islan called Lido…roamed around the place and did some shopping for shirts and t shirts…..not quite expensive…

Went straight to St Mark square which is the number 1 tourist attraction spot in venice through a place called arsenal.

St mark square was very crowded and i enjoyed being there….Soon hunger struck and we wandered our ways into a good looking restaurant.

I think, I had one of the best pizzas in my life over there in the afternoon and it was spicy too…..Had a good cappucinno to complete the rounds and left the hotel.

In Italy, there is something called cover charges for making you sit in the restaurant and 12% tax on what you eat !!

We were tired after walking around and hence decided to come back to the hotel…Took some rest and went on to listen to some music too.

Went by boat to piazza le roma and went again to Rialto where the bridge is good.

The reflection of the lights on the water stirred by the boats is a beauty to be seen.

In the entire Venice, you would stuble upon a lot of Bangladeshi’s selling bags and flowers and what not.

Our dinner was again Pizza and it was kind of filling but I began to loose interest in this food.

When we came back to the hotel, I was astonished to hear some girl sounds. Met two girls from the states…

at that time the room had

jacob – a jew from arizona

brad – a young guy from melbourne

eric – a chicago guy from scotland

jessica – girl from brooklyn, neywork

katherine – a student from newyork in italy

and me and amit….

we had some good conversations and then went on to sleep, the girls went to their rooms ofcourse 😉

end of day 1



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