venice day 2 : – 26 mar 2005

26 03 2005

Day 2 at Venice

We woke up really late and had to hurry up as the room cleaning began at 1000 and we had to vacate the room during the process.

had the breakfast again from munich and this saved us some money.

The agenda for the day was visiting the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello.

So took the boat to Murano and we had to wait for a long long time to catch the boat, about 1 hour and there was so much crowd too..

then reached murano in about 45 minutes and went to the glass factory, actually, glass makers in venice were thrown out of venice beacuse there factories caused lot of fire accidents in the city. so all of them came to this island called murano..

we saw a live demonstration of how glass is made. I had seen a similar demonstration in a crystal factory in potsdam.

it was good and so were the shops selling these articles.

roamed around for a while and had a lovely pizza again !! all the waitresses are so attractive in venice and also the italian women are far more beautiful than germans…

From Murano we went to Burano , a lovely colorful island where mainly fishermen live.

And then completed the island trips by visiting Torcello. There was just one church over there but it was a good one.

Then we both were really tired, so returned to the hotel and after a small rest, went again to realto, and romaed around for a while…

didnt want to have pizza, so had something called focassia, which tasted more or less like pizza again !!

got tired of this and came to hotel and slept quite late at around 1230 0r so.

Another day goes by…..



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