venice day 3: – 27 mar 2005

27 03 2005

Today the clocks changed one hour later , so instead of 9 it was 10….and this made our sleep last longer on the clock…so had to really rush for getting ready. today was sunday and it was so crowded outside. after getting ready and having breakfast, went on to go outside. amit was not feeling well and had caught a cold.

We both had had enough of venice actually.

after breakfast, went on to a place called st george island or something like that and took some pictures. the view from there was pretty good.

soon crossed the water body and reached st mark square again. this time we went on top of the campenalli tower and the view from the top was superb.

came down and roamed around in the shops here and there. bought a few things and went on to have chineese lunch for a change and it was cool ….

back at the hotel. out boat ticket had expired in the evening. so strolled around and found another chineese restaurant.

had an ok dinner there and had some good chats with new guys

chris from us
mark from us

after all the chit chats went on to sleep at maybe 1200 or so….tomm is the last day in venice for us.



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