venice day 4: – 28 mar 2005

28 03 2005

This is the last day in venice and we had almost seen everything around.

woke up early but amit continued to sleep. he was not too well. yday evening we went to a medicince store to get him some tablets for cold. he talked to the old italian lady in english and remarked to me in hindi that ye achi angregi bol leti hai, the medicine shop lady said, main achi hindi bhi bol leti hoon !! we were surprised a lot.

i had bath and packed up and woke up amit. there was a struggle for the loo. had no bfast in the morning and checked out of the hotel. our luggage remained in the hotel though.

then went to purchase a boat ticket and went again to st mark square to do some shopping,

bought some ties and then thought of eating in mcdonlads. but it was too crowded, so went again to the chineese restaurant. had an ok and heavy lunch and came back to the hotel.

had a good coffee and then went on to leave to the station. the train to verona was starting at 1517. caught that and went to verona…..had some good company from italian couple who talked very sweetly.

got down in verona and took the train to munich from there. the journey was ok. many people in the train and couple of kids and good looking women including some indians kept me occupied. also listened to some music and saw some good scenaries outside.

was talking to one afghanistani hindu who settled in germany. his daughter was nice. 😉

then at around 1030 reached ismaning via munich and made a dinner for myself and also did some laundry at the night !

slept very late at around 1 am or so.



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14 06 2005

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