Hi There

Did you stumble upon this website by accident? Or did our good old friend Google lead you here. In any case, you are most welcome to browse through my web page.

This blog was primarily built to enable people to know me better. I hope long lost friends can visit the pages and we can regain contact. For those of you who know me, this site can give you some finer details.
For starters, my name is Vivek and you would have likely seen me in Jhansi, Coimbatore, Chennai or Munich.

I was born in South India, a place by the name Gobichetipalayam. Toingue twisting eh ?
Well, soon after my birth, I was taken to North India, first to a place called Puranpur near Nepal border and then for about 2 years I was in Agra. Yes the famous city of Taj Mahal.
All this travel because my father works in a bank and gets transfered all around. Soon we all came to Jhansi, where my grandfather was working in Central Railways and my grandmother used to work in a school.
I started my education in Jhansi and we were there till 1990. Ofcourse my dad and mom were travelling all over Uttarpradesh because of the transfers.
In 1990, we moved to Coimbatore and I joined the famous school, “Stanes”. Life was very different from then on and I never looked back. Was never a great student though !!
After completing my schooling and making a big gang of friends, I moved to Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College (SREC). Here I completed my Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
In the year 2002, I got placed in SCM Microsystems. Till January 2005 I was in the R&D Division of SCM at Chennai branch.
From January 2005 to April 2005 I was in Munich where my company’s european headquarters is situated.
After this traning, I am now based in Chennai.

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