cebit day 3 : – 12 mar 2005

12 03 2005

i woke up at around 630 and got ready. woke up bea who sleeps in the next room. the plan was to get up late as it was saturday and also we wanted to avoid breakfast with out competitors.

soon, went on to leave the place. the weather in hannover is so fucking bad, that i feel that cebit should not be held in this time of the year. it is always raining and it is so windy that it nearly kills u. the temparature is above 0 though.

the morning went on well and we spent some time roaming around too.

had lunch which was composed of mainly pasta.

today i was wearing a white shirt, black pant and a black suit. with a red spotted tie.

after lunch again manned the booth for some time and then towards the evening, packed the bags and left for a mexican restaurant.

ordered baked potatoes and tacos. and also had beer + lemonade. then we were joined by the competitors for dinner. had couple of tequillas and also tequilla sunrise.

then came home and the drive was excellent. we touched top speeds of 220 kmph. can u believe that ?

the cars here are so advance that u fall in love with them……

cebit day 2 : – 11 mar 2005

11 03 2005

today was another one of those days where i felt good being at cebit…….not entirely for business purposes but also for all the fun and learning that i got here.

we woke up early in the morning again and went on to have breakfast with our competitors as usual. soon went on to cebit and believe me we have so much traffic jam in the morning that we have a tough time getting there and we stay 30 kms away from the place !

reaching there we set the stall and got to be there in turns while other people roamed around meeting the customers and so on. normaly i stay in the stall with bea or pam or someone who is available.

then went on to meet some people and had lunch in cebit grounds it self…..the afternoon was spent in talking to the people and soon felix left for munich

i was supposed to leave with him and also had my tickets booked, but i have decided to extend my trip here as i have a lot more to see.

soon, roamed around again with pam and met people from kodak, told them about the kiosk business and so on and tried to get someone intersted.

came to booth and packed the stuff and left for the hotel

changed into more comfortable clothes and went on to have dinner……it was nice dinner and also the discussion we had on a variety of topics was cool….had lots of types of alcohol and beer too……

cebit day 1 : – 10 mar 2005

10 03 2005

today 10 of march was the first official day in cebit, we all were excited and also nervours i would say.

i had to man the booth for sometime and talking to the customers was a different exp for me. i wore black coat and pant and also a blue shirt with a suitable tie. i think the only thing that did not suit me was the bloody haircut.

the day progressed well enough,,roamed around a bit in the afternoon in cebit…..

soon it was 1800 and all the stalls in cebit start to close. went on to go to a chineese restaurant from there and we were six people totaly

dietmar wendling – vice president sales
udo kast – marketing incharge for chipdrive
beatrix luther (we call her bea) – sales for pcs products, senior level
pamela kelch ( we call her pam ) – sales assistant
felix schiender – son of our ceo – he is in dtv division

and me

the dinner was good, and guess what, i had roasted duck !!!!!!! and also had saaki, the alcohol drink made from rice, we shared some good moments and came to hotel, where we had some more beer and stuff, the converstaion started to get in german and i decided to leave the place.

came to room at around 1130 and slept,

the same hotel is shared by our competitors and we have to stare at their faces every morning for breakfast !

drive to cebit hannover 9 mar

9 03 2005

I typed this on the 10th morning as i am going to the cebit grounds. i slept at around 1:30 in the morning.

Now i am in the cebit hall. the battery was low and i had to shut the laptop.

Yesterday morning we left scm office at around 930 after picking up some more stuff. the drive was a long one and the distance to be covered was 600 +. we took a small break for lunch and went on to hannover at around 430 in the evening.

then went on to see the stalls and helped people to set them up as well.

soon we had some toffee , beer and chips and decided to go to the accomodation place. it was 30 kms away, can u belive that ?

i was in car with a colleague, and we missed our way and went a long way forward…… soon with some help from people, we managed to come back to the detination……it was about 8 when we came back. ´

then all of us went to a restaurant and stareted the dinner course. we had one more beer, and some soup which was very nice, and also some potato and cheese…that was not so good….had some alcohol towards the end and went on to have a lot of chit chat and fun and laughter. it was maybe 2300 or so when we left the place.

soon, came back to the hotel and had another beer !! too much eh ? but there is peer pressure as every one was boozing !
had some more chit chats and went on to see some tv, inspite of the fact that there were 2 ladies, we had no problems surfing through some of the porm channels. ofcourse, we didnt stay on one for more than 5 seconds !

then bid goodnight to all and came back to my room, wrote two days pending diary and went on to sleep by 130 or so….

tomm we have to get early for cebit and leave early after breakfast as there would be a lot of traffic jam !!

Trip To Berlin – Sunday

20 02 2005

in this post u would read my experiences in and around berlin on sunday.

Visit to potsdam :

Potsdam is a small city near berlin. ver near infact that i think it would be inside berlin. it was the capital of the brandenburg province. to understand, bavaria was a seperate kingdom like brandenburg, whose capital was munich. these independant kingdoms became germania, the modern day germany.

in potsdam we went to one of the important castles which was ok, didnt look like a castle actualy. then we took a long walk inside the castle itself.

came out and we went to a crystal factory where we saw live the way glass and crystal are made. had a very khatta metha cake over there. soon came out and went back to the city and saw the places in the night. berlin is very nice in the night. philips dropped us in the restaurant after a whole day in his car. it was an indian one but a different one. we waited for him to bring his girl friend with him. it was our way of saying thanks for taking care of us for 2 days. she came very late. we had some food, which was very bland.

then philip dropped us in the station and we took some snaps and came inside the train which was slightly late. went on to a deep sleep and wanted to come to munich as soon as possible.

Trip To Berlin – Saturday

19 02 2005

went to the station on time and my friends had come too. so went on to board the train and the so called coaches were well built. it is called couchettes. we have two berths on the side in a way we have in india…its like two side berths opposite to each other. the train started and we all were fast asleep.

We reached berlin early in the morning at around 630 or so and we took the train from the staion to another and then to another. all this processes took time as the tourist counter opened late and we needed the maps for travel . we lost close to 1 hour here. soon came to hotel and it was quite a walk from the station. in the hotel we could not check in before 2pm. so we left the baggage there and went on to have breakfast. soon after that we met the friend of sumeet, whose name was philip. he was a student in the berlin university. we moved around the city with him and saw the brandenburg tor, the parliamemt and also went on top of the dbahn building.this is on the potsdamer platz, a famous place in berlin. the international film festival was going on in berln. also we saw the sony building. philips dad is a top hr man in dbahn. dbahn means deutsche bahn, literally equivalent to indian railways. then went to a nice museum which was way too big. then came out and went back to room after seeing seeing the berlin wall. we meet a bengali lady here. back in the hotel after a lot of problems with train changing, went on to have bath and relaxed for a while. then decided to have indian food, so we went back by train to the city and the night life was very busy in the place where we went.

here we saw a lot of prostitues and my friends nearly asked them out !! then had dinner at the indian restaurant. came out and felt very sleepy. was in a cafe for a while trying to escape the cold. friends were out seeing the hookers while me and the other friend stayed inside. then the german friend called us and we all went to a disco and it was my first time. they check ur age and then let u in. it was truly a wonderful experience. danced till about 3 am and then went to the hotel. now all of us fell asleep.

it was a long day and a well worth one too as we didnt waste much time as in our previous trip.

sunday experiences coming next.

Luzern, Interlaken and Bern

15 02 2005


This is what happened on Sunday……….

Trip to luzern , interlaken , bern and back to zurich

Woke up quite late but it was not worse. we got ready pretty soon and went on to have breakfast….checked out of the youth hostel and went to the station. deposited the bag in the locker and exchanged some more money, euros in swiss franks……..all this was automated, believe me. The one day pass that we purchased the previous day was going to be very useful indeed.

came to the platform and took a lovely train to luzern….the journey was a very good one. you should see some photos to see what i am talking about.

We reached luzern and the place was simple compared to zurich. took some local information again and walked around the city for some time and took a lot of photos in and around the place. there was a boat ride in the lake there. we had to run to see a famous lion monument and caught the boat at the last moment….it was a pleasure ship for us….we enjoyed the scenary and sipped on some beer. it was taking a lot of time for us to realize that we are far away from the point where we left from. the issue was that we the next train from luzern to interlaken…..

got instructions from the boat guys and got down in the middle of what looked like an ocean….had to take a bus from here to the next biggest stop.from there we would get a train to luzern……it was like a movie ddlj, where waiting for the bus, we saw a church and went in….we all must have made silent prayers i guess…..

the bus came and we took it to stans. from stans we took the train to luzern,,,,we were eating on the way, where on a station we saw a train heading to interlaken. so we decided to dump this train and get into that one. Mayank got out and as we were getting out the doors closed and the train moved….it was one of the scariest times of the journey as we saw our friend alone in the platform as our train moved away.

we got down in the next station and came back all the way only to find the platform empty….then went back to luzern yet again and took the scheduled train to interlaken… gods grace, this chap climed into this train from some intermediate stop…..he had gone to the mountains in the 1 hour that he had in between all this mess…

we all reached interlaken and it was pretty little town surrounded my mountains…the train journey up the hill was worth a mention where we got to see some real fresh snow, soft as cotton ( we did not touch it )

in interlaken, we roamed around and also purchased some souveniers like the cow bell and so on…..then took the next train to bern and saw a glimpse of the capital…it was ok, but not too good i would say.

took some pictures and also roamed around a bit……then took the best possible train to reach zurich…..back at zurich we had some time, so checked out our baggages , exchanged the remaining money from francs to euros and boarded one of the most ugliest cabins that i have seen in europe.

it was stinking ! had to bear with this for 4 odd hours and we reached austria. this train was heading to vienna via salzburg. we got down in innsbruck and had to wait for 2 hours on the platform , and it was really really cold……

finally the train to munich came and we boarded the same ….lots of passport checks as we reached germany and got into the main station at around 630 or so….got the train to ismaning in 5 minutes luckily and reached home …..

was very tired and could not get much of sleep the whole time. this was the most boring part..the hectic schedule—-

wait for my next trip

Trip to Zürich

12 02 2005

trip to zurich

ran to the station as in ismaning there is a train every 20 minutes to the city only. at 1710, 1730, 1750…

My train to zurich was supposed to leave at 1824 or something like that and it takes 30 minutes to reach the main station. guess what i had the tickets and the others would have screwed me, if i missed the 1710 train. was lucky enough to get that train with a margin of about 2 minutes, which is good considering some ad hoc planning that i did.

reached the station and i was the first to get there. met the others and we took some snaps with the train. soon boarded the same and chatted for a lot of time. i was feeling very sleepy but did not sleep as the train was going to reach zurich in about 4 hours.

reached zurich at the right time …these trains are very punctual…..then took some directions and took the tram to our hostel……got the room for 4 and enjoyed a beer at the night….slept after that and the hostel was a very cozy one. soon fell asleep and waited for the 12 of feb to dawn…..

the plans were to get up soon and leave early….but the opposite happened! we all woke up as late as 730….got ready as soon as possible and went on to have a decent breakfast which was free….left to see the famous zurich lake, but it was not open for the boat ride…..then we took some more wrong advise and landed up in a useless place………soon decided to come back to the main station and took some tourist guidance.

Took the train to winterthur and it was long journey which made the possibility of coming back to zurich for the boat ride impossible.

in winterthur, there is a place called technorama, which is more or less an amusment place and a technology museum….we needed a lot of time to see this place, but had to rush up…..saw a electric show and came back to zurich….

we had missed the boat ride….but all the rides in the trains were very nice. soon, walked in the very famous banhauf strasse where you have some of the world famous shops and almost all the swiss banks. we took some photos of each other near the bulidings and went on to see what the tourist centre told, was the church with the biggest clock dial…

it was raining and hence it was not fun….some of the places had got closed as the time was more than 1700 now.

we took two train changes and went on top if a mountain to get the night view of the city..the train was called dolderbahn….it was fun to go up, but it was so windy that it not only made the temperature low, but also the fear of flying off from the mountain was there.

the view from the top was a hard earned one, as we had to do a lot of walking …..and it was cold too….

after getting the view, we came down and headed to have pizza as dinner. there were couple of indian restaurants in zurich and we even bumped into tamil speaking srilankans here!

soon came hostel with a renowned resolution that we would wake up earl again tomorrow!

Sledging Experiences at oberaudorf

5 02 2005

I had a very nice day today…Had to wake up as early as 500 i the morning. slowly got ready and went on to get ready with the gear and had milk. went to station at 605 or something and the train was at 610. my friend joined me and we went via another train station to the final destination. our friend sandeep’s house. he lives with his didi and jiju. 4 of us went together. jiju, me , sandeep and sumit……went via the autobahn to the destination. there was so much traffic jam that u wont believe there were slow moving cars for 3 kms! we reached late because of these factors. the view of the place was simply great. we hired the sledges as we had only 2 of them. then we bought tickets for the ride to up of the mountain. the track length was 3.5 kms.

while climbing in the cable car, i felt very very cold. i could not feel my fingers at all. climbing into the cable car and getting down is a tough process actually. then we had to walk for a little more distance and then the jiju gave as a crash course on how sledging is done. we came down pretty quickly and i felt like doing this for more number of times. then came down and had some warm lemon tea and some chips and chocolates. went up again and this time it was pretty good. no problems. the slide down this time was also very very nice and fast. by this time water had got formed in my pants and underpants and socks as the ice melts when near the body.

came down and changed clothes. soon went to munich….on the way back there was a traffic jam for kms length on the opposite side luckily. after reaching munich, we took the two trains to ismaning. took the car from my appt. soon changed shoes and went to supermarket to get a few things. reached amit and sumits house. went on to cook a very very teekha pulao…..usko us us us kar ke khaya with dahi. it was extremely hot. soon, went on to talk for a while and i slept on the new mattress. i think for nearly 2 hours. then woke up and did some chit chats and helped my friends with their pc problems. soon, watched the photos. it was 830 by this time. we reheated the pulao and mixed more rice with it. but still it was spicy. had a bit of this and decided to come home. will show you more of the mountains….


photos added here:

Trip to Saltmines and Salzburg

31 01 2005

We had planned this one about a week before and I think we executed it pretty well too. Before I go on to details of this trip, I want to mention the names and small details of other guys who were with me.

Amit – I met him first and he called me on phone after having got my phone number from the yahoo groups. He is a masters grad from Germany (erlangan) and is working in ismaning. His house is a general get together place for all of us. Amit is a bachelor.

Sumit – Typical Amru guy. Did his masters in US (San Jose) and got a job in infineion. Is currently in Germany for 6 months. Got married last year Dec, and calls his wife daily! Poor chap. He is currently Amit´s room mate for 1 month till his wife moves with him.

Sandeep – He is currently an intern in infineon and is from Jhansi! He is returning to India in April. He lives in Munich with his Sister and Brother in Law, who is BTW the creator of Munich Mela!

We all met on friday evening and cooked some splendid Chole and Rice. It was delicious. Went on to make plans for the next day and got the schedule from the net. Decided to leave as soon as possible to get the max out of the trip.

Then walked home and it was damned cold. Slept after a while to get up at around 5 in the morning! The train from Ismaning to Ostbanhauf (east munich station) was at 0610! Got ready quickly and got the train after buying the group tickets.

The destination for us was frilassing. From there we had to change a train to baktesgaden. (no spellings here are accurate). Sandeep had brought some breakfast , yoghurt. It was delicious. We reached the place and took another train to baktesgaden.

From the station, we went on to eat a kebab and took a bus to the famous salt mines.

Unfortunately we were not sure where to get down. The buses in germany, have a system, wherein you will have to press a button in order to tell the driver that you are getting down in the next stop. If you dont do that and if there is no one willing to board that bus, the bus will not stop on the next destination!

We walked back from the next stop to saltmines and reached the place at 1030 only to

discover that the place does not open till 1130. we had coffee in a restaurant over there and went to saltmines. the entry ticket was a whooping 13 euros! they made us wear some traditional miners costumes including a leather pad at the back (you will know why later). Then a small train takes you inside the mountains and takes you down below.

It was a good experience. Then the local guide gave us some gyaan about the place. the best part was a slide, where the leather pads are useful. long wooden slides are created to quickly descend into the mines. we sit on top and come down very quickly.

Inside the mine, we had a small theatre, where we were shown a documentary so as to how salt came inside the mountain. it was good one with multilingual headphones for the audience. then there were more gyaan stuff and we went to another one of these slides. this thing was longer than the previous one. We were 300 metres below the surface now. And here you would find a brine lake, full of salty water from which salt is extracted. there is a boat which would take you across the lake. the lake wasnt too deep at all . the best part of this boat ride was that, there was

some music and lots of lights inside, which made it look so beautiful. we came out and took a winch to go up a bit and here we all were given salt packs as mementos. soon we came out in one of a similar trains. here there were explosion simulations

for the mining accompanied by sound and lighting effects.

We came out soon and returned the clothes. they had taken photos which we purchased apart from the other stuff like pen and so on. Then we went on to walk all the way back to the city of baktesgaden as there were not many buses duting the weekend. I think that the temperature was about -4 or less. we reached the station and thought of either taking the bus or the train. Finally we decided to take the train as we can sit opposite to each other and also have some good leg room. Sandeep, opened his bag and we feasted on some real good cookies and potato chips in the train. We reached the austrian city of salzburg and went on to get some local tourist information.

We purchased a bus ticket from the station and went to the old city of salzburg. we saw some old buildings and the birth place of mozart, the musician. it was not all that great. the churches and buildings in salzburg are worth watching for sure. the night brought an added beauty to the place. there was a river that seperated the old city from the new one. We had a bus ticket for the whole day, so we roamed around here and there and got down at one place. We were talking amongst ourselves in hindi, when one man asked us where we wanted to go. he was a native indian but now he was an austrain citizen.

We went on to go with him , and he took us to a temple, which was so beautiful that I

certainly thought that it was a miracle to land in an indian temple in austria. we had tea, got a good darshan of the deities ( almost all indian gods were there )

Talked to the people there and left by walk to the central salzburg station.

Soon we had burger in burger king and went on to board the train to munich. the train took about 50 minutes to reach ostbanhaug. from there we got the connecting train to ismaning and reached there by around 1130 or so. took the car and drove to amits place, where i dropped sumit. then we had some talks and we left for the night. sandeep and i drove back to my appt, and we slept.

my first trip outside munich and it was for sure a very memorable one.



Photos may be uploded somewhere soon. Please post your comments and questions.