venice day 2 : – 26 mar 2005

26 03 2005

Day 2 at Venice

We woke up really late and had to hurry up as the room cleaning began at 1000 and we had to vacate the room during the process.

had the breakfast again from munich and this saved us some money.

The agenda for the day was visiting the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello.

So took the boat to Murano and we had to wait for a long long time to catch the boat, about 1 hour and there was so much crowd too..

then reached murano in about 45 minutes and went to the glass factory, actually, glass makers in venice were thrown out of venice beacuse there factories caused lot of fire accidents in the city. so all of them came to this island called murano..

we saw a live demonstration of how glass is made. I had seen a similar demonstration in a crystal factory in potsdam.

it was good and so were the shops selling these articles.

roamed around for a while and had a lovely pizza again !! all the waitresses are so attractive in venice and also the italian women are far more beautiful than germans…

From Murano we went to Burano , a lovely colorful island where mainly fishermen live.

And then completed the island trips by visiting Torcello. There was just one church over there but it was a good one.

Then we both were really tired, so returned to the hotel and after a small rest, went again to realto, and romaed around for a while…

didnt want to have pizza, so had something called focassia, which tasted more or less like pizza again !!

got tired of this and came to hotel and slept quite late at around 1230 0r so.

Another day goes by…..

venice day 1 : – 25 mar 2005

25 03 2005

Today is my second day in Venice …Techincaly the first day.

We woke up late in the morning at around 8 or so and had shower. we had more new faces in the room including an austrailian. after shower we went on to have breakfast in the room, which we had bought from munich itself. breakfast was cake, apple, yoghurt and somethings like that.

left the hostel with the bag and camera and soon boarded the boat , its called vaperroto or something like that.

Went to a place called guglie, and roamed around in the market. Bought a tie from street, where the store owner was a bangladeshi, so being from india, he gave us a discount and the tie cost me 5 € instead of 7 € !!

The morning vegetable market and the crowd were very similar to India.

Then went by boat to an islan called Lido…roamed around the place and did some shopping for shirts and t shirts…..not quite expensive…

Went straight to St Mark square which is the number 1 tourist attraction spot in venice through a place called arsenal.

St mark square was very crowded and i enjoyed being there….Soon hunger struck and we wandered our ways into a good looking restaurant.

I think, I had one of the best pizzas in my life over there in the afternoon and it was spicy too…..Had a good cappucinno to complete the rounds and left the hotel.

In Italy, there is something called cover charges for making you sit in the restaurant and 12% tax on what you eat !!

We were tired after walking around and hence decided to come back to the hotel…Took some rest and went on to listen to some music too.

Went by boat to piazza le roma and went again to Rialto where the bridge is good.

The reflection of the lights on the water stirred by the boats is a beauty to be seen.

In the entire Venice, you would stuble upon a lot of Bangladeshi’s selling bags and flowers and what not.

Our dinner was again Pizza and it was kind of filling but I began to loose interest in this food.

When we came back to the hotel, I was astonished to hear some girl sounds. Met two girls from the states…

at that time the room had

jacob – a jew from arizona

brad – a young guy from melbourne

eric – a chicago guy from scotland

jessica – girl from brooklyn, neywork

katherine – a student from newyork in italy

and me and amit….

we had some good conversations and then went on to sleep, the girls went to their rooms ofcourse 😉

end of day 1

24 March – – Departure to Venice

24 03 2005

Left home by around 10 am in the morning. bunked office for the day !! Reached the Ismaning Station in 2 minutes as it is really close to my house. Then met Amit and boarded the 1010 train to Munich station.

we reached thereby 1030 and we were early for the 1130 train. waited in the station, took some snaps. The train arrived and we boarded the same. Soon it started and it wasnt all that comfortable. We had an irritating passenger with us for nearly 3/4 of the way who wasnt german and was abusing now and then….for no particular reason.

Had some snacks, chocolates and also cola light on the way and this kept us occupied. Also listened to some music and played games on the phone.

We had more people come in , a young couple boarded the train in Italy and got down soon after and finally our co passenger was a Columbian who asked lot of questions about Tsunami and we also talked about the beauty of South America….

I think we reached Venice by around 1830 in the evening and went on to ask directions for the hotel.

We were really surprised to see that the hotel was less than 300 metres from the station.

Also bought the 72 hour ticket for the boats in Venice. Since it was evening the visibility was not too good.

We checked in the Hotel and gave money for 4 nights. Althought the hotel looked shabby from the outside, inside it was very modern and had lot of good facilities.

AFter keeping the baggage, we romaed around here and there and also took some boat rides. Got some ideas from people about the places to see and also got a map to plan out trip more efficiently.

We had dinner near the hotel and the food was not too good and also pretty expensive there. The menu card claimed that it is one of the best pizza places in Venice !! no way……

At night came back to room early on as the hotel gets locked by 1230…!!

We had taken a dorm and it had 5 beds in the room. We had one chineese sleeping in one corner and some beds were empty. i think one american checked in that night…not too sure though!

The weather was not too cold, but the presence of large water bodies around, made it colder and also the wind was quite strong…..

Slept well in the night as the room and the bed were very cozy

cebit day 4 : – 13 mar 2005

13 03 2005

we all got up late as it was sunday and went on to have breakfast…i had a real light breakfast…..soon packed bags and put them in the car as we wouldnt come back to the hotel. i drove from the hotel to cebit grounds and it was fun to drive.

after reaching the place, went on to set the stall and also roamed around nicely. soon went on to meet lot of indians in some stalls. also did some spying on competetion stalls.

then after all the roaming around came to stall only to find that some people had already had lunch !!

3 more people from scm came to the stall and that meant that we could leave to ismaning. had some stupid lunch and changed clothes.

then left by car to munich. was with bea in the car and we chatted for the entire journey. we had couple of breaks in between for food and loo…..reached ismaning by around 830. soon, put all the dirty clothes to wash and went to hotel rama for dinner.

came back and dried the clothes and slept late maybe by around 1 or something.

cebit day 3 : – 12 mar 2005

12 03 2005

i woke up at around 630 and got ready. woke up bea who sleeps in the next room. the plan was to get up late as it was saturday and also we wanted to avoid breakfast with out competitors.

soon, went on to leave the place. the weather in hannover is so fucking bad, that i feel that cebit should not be held in this time of the year. it is always raining and it is so windy that it nearly kills u. the temparature is above 0 though.

the morning went on well and we spent some time roaming around too.

had lunch which was composed of mainly pasta.

today i was wearing a white shirt, black pant and a black suit. with a red spotted tie.

after lunch again manned the booth for some time and then towards the evening, packed the bags and left for a mexican restaurant.

ordered baked potatoes and tacos. and also had beer + lemonade. then we were joined by the competitors for dinner. had couple of tequillas and also tequilla sunrise.

then came home and the drive was excellent. we touched top speeds of 220 kmph. can u believe that ?

the cars here are so advance that u fall in love with them……

cebit day 2 : – 11 mar 2005

11 03 2005

today was another one of those days where i felt good being at cebit…….not entirely for business purposes but also for all the fun and learning that i got here.

we woke up early in the morning again and went on to have breakfast with our competitors as usual. soon went on to cebit and believe me we have so much traffic jam in the morning that we have a tough time getting there and we stay 30 kms away from the place !

reaching there we set the stall and got to be there in turns while other people roamed around meeting the customers and so on. normaly i stay in the stall with bea or pam or someone who is available.

then went on to meet some people and had lunch in cebit grounds it self…..the afternoon was spent in talking to the people and soon felix left for munich

i was supposed to leave with him and also had my tickets booked, but i have decided to extend my trip here as i have a lot more to see.

soon, roamed around again with pam and met people from kodak, told them about the kiosk business and so on and tried to get someone intersted.

came to booth and packed the stuff and left for the hotel

changed into more comfortable clothes and went on to have dinner……it was nice dinner and also the discussion we had on a variety of topics was cool….had lots of types of alcohol and beer too……

cebit day 1 : – 10 mar 2005

10 03 2005

today 10 of march was the first official day in cebit, we all were excited and also nervours i would say.

i had to man the booth for sometime and talking to the customers was a different exp for me. i wore black coat and pant and also a blue shirt with a suitable tie. i think the only thing that did not suit me was the bloody haircut.

the day progressed well enough,,roamed around a bit in the afternoon in cebit…..

soon it was 1800 and all the stalls in cebit start to close. went on to go to a chineese restaurant from there and we were six people totaly

dietmar wendling – vice president sales
udo kast – marketing incharge for chipdrive
beatrix luther (we call her bea) – sales for pcs products, senior level
pamela kelch ( we call her pam ) – sales assistant
felix schiender – son of our ceo – he is in dtv division

and me

the dinner was good, and guess what, i had roasted duck !!!!!!! and also had saaki, the alcohol drink made from rice, we shared some good moments and came to hotel, where we had some more beer and stuff, the converstaion started to get in german and i decided to leave the place.

came to room at around 1130 and slept,

the same hotel is shared by our competitors and we have to stare at their faces every morning for breakfast !