Trip to Saltmines and Salzburg

31 01 2005

We had planned this one about a week before and I think we executed it pretty well too. Before I go on to details of this trip, I want to mention the names and small details of other guys who were with me.

Amit – I met him first and he called me on phone after having got my phone number from the yahoo groups. He is a masters grad from Germany (erlangan) and is working in ismaning. His house is a general get together place for all of us. Amit is a bachelor.

Sumit – Typical Amru guy. Did his masters in US (San Jose) and got a job in infineion. Is currently in Germany for 6 months. Got married last year Dec, and calls his wife daily! Poor chap. He is currently Amit´s room mate for 1 month till his wife moves with him.

Sandeep – He is currently an intern in infineon and is from Jhansi! He is returning to India in April. He lives in Munich with his Sister and Brother in Law, who is BTW the creator of Munich Mela!

We all met on friday evening and cooked some splendid Chole and Rice. It was delicious. Went on to make plans for the next day and got the schedule from the net. Decided to leave as soon as possible to get the max out of the trip.

Then walked home and it was damned cold. Slept after a while to get up at around 5 in the morning! The train from Ismaning to Ostbanhauf (east munich station) was at 0610! Got ready quickly and got the train after buying the group tickets.

The destination for us was frilassing. From there we had to change a train to baktesgaden. (no spellings here are accurate). Sandeep had brought some breakfast , yoghurt. It was delicious. We reached the place and took another train to baktesgaden.

From the station, we went on to eat a kebab and took a bus to the famous salt mines.

Unfortunately we were not sure where to get down. The buses in germany, have a system, wherein you will have to press a button in order to tell the driver that you are getting down in the next stop. If you dont do that and if there is no one willing to board that bus, the bus will not stop on the next destination!

We walked back from the next stop to saltmines and reached the place at 1030 only to

discover that the place does not open till 1130. we had coffee in a restaurant over there and went to saltmines. the entry ticket was a whooping 13 euros! they made us wear some traditional miners costumes including a leather pad at the back (you will know why later). Then a small train takes you inside the mountains and takes you down below.

It was a good experience. Then the local guide gave us some gyaan about the place. the best part was a slide, where the leather pads are useful. long wooden slides are created to quickly descend into the mines. we sit on top and come down very quickly.

Inside the mine, we had a small theatre, where we were shown a documentary so as to how salt came inside the mountain. it was good one with multilingual headphones for the audience. then there were more gyaan stuff and we went to another one of these slides. this thing was longer than the previous one. We were 300 metres below the surface now. And here you would find a brine lake, full of salty water from which salt is extracted. there is a boat which would take you across the lake. the lake wasnt too deep at all . the best part of this boat ride was that, there was

some music and lots of lights inside, which made it look so beautiful. we came out and took a winch to go up a bit and here we all were given salt packs as mementos. soon we came out in one of a similar trains. here there were explosion simulations

for the mining accompanied by sound and lighting effects.

We came out soon and returned the clothes. they had taken photos which we purchased apart from the other stuff like pen and so on. Then we went on to walk all the way back to the city of baktesgaden as there were not many buses duting the weekend. I think that the temperature was about -4 or less. we reached the station and thought of either taking the bus or the train. Finally we decided to take the train as we can sit opposite to each other and also have some good leg room. Sandeep, opened his bag and we feasted on some real good cookies and potato chips in the train. We reached the austrian city of salzburg and went on to get some local tourist information.

We purchased a bus ticket from the station and went to the old city of salzburg. we saw some old buildings and the birth place of mozart, the musician. it was not all that great. the churches and buildings in salzburg are worth watching for sure. the night brought an added beauty to the place. there was a river that seperated the old city from the new one. We had a bus ticket for the whole day, so we roamed around here and there and got down at one place. We were talking amongst ourselves in hindi, when one man asked us where we wanted to go. he was a native indian but now he was an austrain citizen.

We went on to go with him , and he took us to a temple, which was so beautiful that I

certainly thought that it was a miracle to land in an indian temple in austria. we had tea, got a good darshan of the deities ( almost all indian gods were there )

Talked to the people there and left by walk to the central salzburg station.

Soon we had burger in burger king and went on to board the train to munich. the train took about 50 minutes to reach ostbanhaug. from there we got the connecting train to ismaning and reached there by around 1130 or so. took the car and drove to amits place, where i dropped sumit. then we had some talks and we left for the night. sandeep and i drove back to my appt, and we slept.

my first trip outside munich and it was for sure a very memorable one.



Photos may be uploded somewhere soon. Please post your comments and questions.

First post from Germany

27 01 2005

I think I landed here a week ago on the 19th of jan. Today is the 27th of Jan.

I would like to say so much about this country that I am afraid, I wont have time to do that.

Right now it is snowing here and the temperature is around -5 or 6 degress. But almost all the places like office, buses, trains, oublic buildings, hotels and apartments are centrally heated. Hence you really dont feel the pinch of things.

The flow of this text is random, so you may not be able to link two paras anyway.

The whole place is covered with white snow and it is very clean. I guess education makes all the difference. It seems germany has near to 0 % poverty and illiteracy. I hope India can soon become like that.

The people here are very very friendly. I donno whether its even true that these people dont like dark skinned people.

The public transport system is also very good. I am yet to goto an autobahn or something, but cars here are way to advanced than the ones that sell in india.

i guess i will have to continue this post later.



Wonder how I am going to survive !

6 01 2005

Just thought I would pen some of my thoughts before I get going again. With a few more days to go before my departure to a far off land, I begin to wonder whether I would be as independant and happy as I thought I would be!

On one hand, a new assignment, meeting new people really excite me, but the feeling that I would be far away from my dear and loved ones, and that I would have to cook my own meals is really begining to bother me now.

trial post

31 12 2004

my first post on the last day of 2004

31 dec 2004


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